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" The Only  Tool You Ever Need to Create Miraculous Results without Self-Help Books or Boring Courses. "

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Build the Power Habits of Top 1% with Miracle Journal

In simple terms, a miracle is an outcome that exceeds your expectations. With that definition, you may have witnessed or created many miracles in your life. Now, imagine becoming the architect of even bigger results in your life. Can this journal help you take consistent action with courage, attract luck and support from the universe, and create unimaginable miracles in all aspects of your life?

This idea may not be easy to appreciate but the journal will guide you through. The Journal will introduce you to a Courageous Luck Framework and three proven power habits adored and practised by the 24 of the top 1% of the world's best entrepreneurs, coaches, and professionals. The journal also provides a host of tools to help you become consistent and a reward system to appreciate the commitment you bring to the table every month, week, or day. No wonder, this tool is a must.

Build daily journaling habit like,

Tim Ferriss

Develope daily gratitude practice like,

Oprah Winfrey

Learn to build connections everyday like,

Warren Buffet

 challenge status quo everyday like,

Elon Musk

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What Makes The Miracle Journal Unique?

Self-help books are great for gaining knowledge, not for action. The journals and planners are perfect for action but they suck at making everyday interesting. The Miracle Journal brings the best of both worlds, helping you learn something new every day, extract an interesting action out of it, and then get you to make the most out of your day by planning your three power habits, all in just 9 minutes.

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Why Choose The Miracle Journal?

Miracle Journal blends three incredible tools - A Growth Framework, a Joyful Journal, and a Power Planner, to help create the best personal growth and productivity tool. Every day, these tools work together to help you derive insights from unique stories and powerful concepts and prompt you into consistent action. When you follow this process for over 100 days, miraculous results as guaranteed. 

The Growth Framework

This is a mini book at the start of the journal that sets an empowering context for the consistent, courageous power habits that will bring massive results.

The Joyful Journal

The process of self-discovery is slow because there is no one asking you tough, inquisitive questions. Fret no more as the daily journal does it for you from now.

The Power Planner

Integrity and commitment are necessary for excellence and the Power Planner keeps you committed to a simple, sustainable goal based plan for each month, week and every single day.

And buy the best journal with a range of amazing tools at its lowest price

A sneak-peek inside the Miracle Journal!

The Miracle Journal is like a Swiss-knife for personal growth. You are getting a range of personal growth tools all packaged efficiently into one handy book to get the most of your day.

Apply The Courageous Luck Framework

Start creating amazing opportunities every day by practising the 3 Power Habits of the Courageous Luck Framework.

Focus on One Power Theme Each Week

Channelise your energies on optimising one Power Theme each week like Leadership, Courage, Kindness, and Creativity. 

Weekly Quantum Tasks

12 unique, weekly Quantum tasks for you to bring something new to each week and make a quantum jump in a specific aspect of life.

Daily Powerstories & Prompts

70 insightful five minute reading and journaling tasks to trigger your intuition, expand your perception and empower your imagination

Smart 2 in 1 Planner & Trackers

Each monthly, weekly and daily page not only helps you plan and Track the most important goals and habits every day.

Mega Month Maker

Start the month by planning the key ingredients like linchpins, goals, habits and rewards to make it a miracle month.

14 Winning Week Creators

Make the most of each week by starting the week by identifying key elements of a winning week and ending it by reviewing the wins and lessons accumulated.

Reward Accountability System

Create monthly, weekly and daily rewards to build extra motivation to stay committed to your plan and practise keeping your promise.

70 Lucky Day Creators

Spend 5 minutes every day to get your affirmations, gratitude and plan the day to practise the 3 power habits needed to create miracles consistently.

Making your 7-Star Week

Convert every week into a 7-Star Week with simple and sustainable activities for each day and grow by 1% everyday with the power of less.

And buy the best journal with a range of amazing tools at its lowest price

(some of these will NOT be available later)

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Real Miracle Made Easy

This is a way for you to share your experience of using the journal with us and (optionally) via social media to inspire others via your photos, posts and videos.

You get to win honours, rewards for tasks and prizes for complete participation in the challenge. Sharing your selfie in the group is the first task of the challenge.

These honors and rewards could come in various forms, such as certificates, badges, or special recognition within the community.

Complete participation suggests that active engagement is valued throughout the challenge. 

This task serves as a simple and engaging icebreaker, allowing participants to introduce themselves and make their presence known.

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Miracle Journal Made Easy

Miracle Journal is a unique product which brings in a host of different tools together. While the how to pages of the journal is helpful, a video guide explaining the key elements of the journal could be a great starting point.

Learn the Miracle Journal from the creator explaining the most valuable elements of the journal.

Learn how different elements complement each other to make it a powerful tool for transformation

On demand video training to help you make the most of the journal when you are ready.

If you are buying the Journal, this could be the most important resource that would help you put it to the best use.

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A-Game Amplifier

Transform your team by implementing A-Game Amplifier System.  

Our framework, tool and accountability system will inspire, empower and ensure that every team member brings their best ideas, plans and effort to work consistently.

The system will double their confidence by showcasing how they can aim and achieve bigger goals in work and life.

The system will enable team members to plan their monthly, weekly and daily work to maximise their productivity proactively

You will be in the top 1% leaders who care for the growth & wellbeing of your employees creating a huge goodwill for you.

The framework will enable them to grow both in their personal and professional life doubling their motivation. Most of the work of building the habits taught in the system will be implemented in their personal time resulting in low cost to the company

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Perfect Pitch Super Hacks

Double your Sales in your next Pitch using our framework, tool and accountability system and inspire, empower and ensure that your pitch is designed for maximum engagement and conversion.

Adding the book into your pitch will help you add tremendous value and differentiate the product to get more sales & reduce followups.

As the book helps your customers to organise their day, they can create more space for your programme and get results with consistent action.

More results means more opportunity to increase your product prices and get the right price for your effort

Quit creating fake urgency, cheap marketing gimmicks, and reduce long followup process

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Master Your Luck Luckbook

A picture says a 1000 words but what if that picture is representing a contrarian idea or a life concept? Must be a million words, I guess. Now, what if there is a digital book that encapsulates the best of such ideas in an interesting, intriguing manner which makes you think? I share over 10+ concepts represented visually for you to pause, think and maybe make an important choice.

The digital eBook has concepts like,

What dating can teach you about selling

What Change Leadership looks like at its inception

The Moral of Neeraj Sharma's Gold Medal Story

The 3 Layers of Communication for every Entrepreneur

And there is much more. If you are a visual person who loves new ideas, this Bonus is a must.

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Miracle Journaling Pages

Get the softcopy of the Miracle Journal pages which you can use forever once your physical copy is over. This helps you to continue with the process without having to buy the journal or share this with someone you think may need it.

This PDF will include

The Wheel of Awesome Quantum Task that will help reflect on all critical area of life

The Miracle Month Creator to help design your months to get the most out of them.

Luckyday Creators to transform your normal day into a Lucky day.

Wins of the Week tracker to review the week and acknowledge the best things of the week and what you could do better in the next one.

This is a must have gift if you miss buying the journal on time and don't want to break the journaling habit.

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When you order the Miracle Journal, you will be taking the first step towards maximising your LUCK, GROWTH, IMPACT & HAPPINESS.

Join the Miracle Makers Community!

Join the community of personal growth fans who joined us for the successful launch of the previous book, the Power Journal.

Ravi Sagar

Surabhi Sinha


Pratik Mandalia

Vanitha Rajgopalan





Navdeep Kaur

Swati Sana


Prathima S B

Asheesh Sharma

Jacob, Digital Marketer

Sahil Shah

Nagendra Singh Chauhan


Anil Vasudevan


Mahesh Hasarmani

Shashank Jain



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➡️ What is special about the Miracle Journal?

Journals help you explore different ideas and thoughts. Planners help you plan your day. The Miracle Journal brings the best of these into a power-packed format, and instead of helping you complete tasks and achieve goals, it pushes you to aim higher and achieve miraculous results.

➡️ How much time should I set aside for Journaling?

9 Minutes should do. The first 5 minutes could be for planning the day and identifying the high-leverage tasks, gratitude and affirmations. The remaining 4 minutes are for a story or prompt journaling where you explore an idea or an aspect of your life to build better awareness about yourself.

➡️ What are the benefits of using the Miracle Journal ?

The Miracle Journal encourages self-awareness, mindfulness, and gratitude. By recording daily events, setting goals, and exploring your emotions, you can gain valuable insights, reduce stress, and cultivate a positive outlook on life.

➡️ Can I start using the Miracle Journal at any time of the year?

Absolutely! The Miracle Journal is designed to be timeless, allowing you to start your journaling journey on any day of the year. Each page is updated, giving you the freedom to begin whenever you like.

➡️ Is the Miracle Journal suitable for beginners?

Yes, the journal is perfect for both seasoned journalers and those new to the practice. The guided prompts provide structure and inspiration, making it easier for beginners to get started.

➡️ Is the Miracle Journal Book suitable for any age group?

Yes, the Miracle Journal is designed to be inclusive and can be used by people of all age groups. Whether you are a teenager or a senior citizen, the journal can help you foster personal growth and self-discovery.

➡️ Can the Miracle Journal Book be used for specific purposes, like goal setting or mindfulness?

Absolutely! The journal is versatile and can be tailored to suit various purposes. Whether you want to focus on goal setting, mindfulness, gratitude, or any other aspect of personal development, the Miracle Journal can accommodate your needs.

➡️ Where can I get a copy of the Miracle Journal Book?

The Miracle Journal will be available for purchase on Amazon (From August). Stay tuned for updates.

➡️ Can I use the Miracle Journal Book as a gift for someone?

Yes, the Miracle Journal Book makes for a thoughtful and meaningful gift. Whether it's for a friend, family member, or colleague, giving the gift of self-reflection and personal growth can be truly special.

➡️ Is there a digital version of the Miracle Journal?

No. But those who pre-book the journal get the soft copy of the journaling pages for FREE.

➡️ Are there any additional resources or community support available for users of the Miracle Journal?

Yes, we have a community of Miracle Makers who have been journaling with us for past year. You get to join them to practice meditation, journaling and explore different ideas every weekday.  

➡️ What if I have additional questions or concerns?

Please email us at and Harish will get back to you to answer your questions.

And accelerate your growth journal with the Miracle Journal

Know the Author

Harish Marnad

a human motivation nerd, struggled consistently with building a perfect morning or evening routine. He purchased many journals and they did not help either. 

He then took matters to his own hand and created a journal for himself called the Power Journal. This has enabled him to be consistent for the past year and enabled him to achieve more than what he thought possible. 

After tasting success, he is bringing all his ideas, thoughts, hacks, tools, frameworks and systems into the Miracle Journal. With the unique value it offers, he believes it is on its way to become the best Journal in the world.

And get to connect with Harish and get a signed copy of the Miracle Journal

The Miracle Journal

- By Harish Marnad